Client Services - Change to my Policy(ies)

Banking Changes

If your policy(ies) are on pre-authorized payment and you have switched banks fax our office a new void cheque and a note directing us to debit the new bank account and which specifies which policies are to be changed. If the new account is a Corporate account a new Pre-Authorized Chequing form must be completed as well. We will send, email or fax you the form.

Mode of Payment Changes

To change your mode of payment please contact our office for the necessary documents and premium amount.

Beneficiary Changes

In order to change the beneficiary designation on your policy(ies) All Insurance Companies require an original, signed form to be completed. Please contact our office to request this form.

Address/Phone Number Changes

Please complete this form and we will change the address on your policy(ies).

Select Recipient: General Email   Joe Fazio   Brian Steeves   John Willis
Name: New Address:
City: Postal Code:
New Phone #: Email:
Policy Number:

All Other Changes

For any other type of change to your policy please contact our office and speak with your Insurance Advisor.